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The Consumer Superbrands survey has tracked the perception of a range of brands in the UK since 1996.


This year’s survey featured 1,596 brands across 78 categories, ranging from ‘Automotive Products’ to ‘Vitamins & Supplements’.


Managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), in partnership with data research company Dynata, it follows a voting process involving a nationally representative sample of 2,500 consumers.

All voters were asked to judge brands against three core factors; quality, reliability and distinction.


In addition to the public vote, all Superbrand status brands were highly ranked by an objective and voluntary council of senior industry experts, to provide a secondary quality control mechanism.


Director of brand and communications at Hoover Anthony Peart commented: “As a company with a 111-year heritage, we’re really proud to have achieved Consumer Superbrands status, especially in extremely competitive categories where price can often be a driver over brand loyalty.


“Since day one we’ve been committed to innovating and moving with the times to meet and drive consumer demand.


“This is demonstrated most recently with the launch of our first collection of AI (Artifically Intelligent) appliances and brand partnership with British cook and restaurateur Simon Rimmer.”